A picture is worth a thousand words. We assist you to get the right picture.

SnapByte provides a wide range of professional photography services such as candid, portraits, fashion, portfolio, fine art, journalism, industrial, and wedding photography. No matter you are an Individual or a Corporate, whether your requirement is big or small, SnapByte armed with a team of in-house professionals will deliver to your requirements with best care and quality.

Our team of the best local photographers in the Andaman Islands is comprised of passionate professionals offering unmatched experience in their field who are committed to excellence.

With a variety of session types available, SnapByte wants to be your personal local photography studio.With a team of dedicated professional and passionate photographers, we serve to commercial as well as personal clients. Our rates are best and we offer outstanding value for money.


Our Vision

SnapByte's vision is to make photography accessible to everyone. We strive to realize our vision through your success, by equipping you with the expertise and the tools you need at every step of your journey and make it memorable.

Our Mission

Our eternal mission is to be a catalyst for excellence by empowering customers with the requisite knowledge, tools, and expert assistance to enjoy new experiences, and achieve their creative potential through the pursuit of travel and photography.

We strive to be and remain the best provider of photography and photography-oriented travel services in these Islands. As a passionate and ambitious company, we aim to achieve this through a combination of innovation; persistence in planning and execution; and by building partnerships with the best resources to realize our paramount mission of delivering the best customer experience.

Co Founder and Lead Photographer

Pavitran was born and brought up in the Islands. He is a professional photographer and cinematographer based in the Andaman Islands. He has successfully accomplished product shoots,weddings, fashion portfolios, documentary ad films for many high-profile companies & business establishments like TATA, Nokia, Tamira, SM Silks, Danfoss etc. He had experienced working with Meenakshi TV, Sutherland, Vertex and Truine Media Works.

He find himself in shooting candid and capturing beautiful moments. He masters in capturing your precious moments by putting his souls into it. He uses his expertise on various high-end equipment to create brilliant photography that appears real to the viewers. ​

Co founder and Lead Photographer
Dipesh Majumder

He was born and raised in the Islands and has been living in Bangalore since 2015. Basically, he started expressing his art through paints and brushes, but he find a way through photography to express his art in a better way.

As an artist, he enjoys painting with oils in bright vibrant colors giving his work a modern, and slight pop art feel. From the childhood, he has had a love for art and he continues to paint today.

For him becoming a photographer is not something he has planned of being one in the first place. He knows that he have the love for it, well that was not until years ago the first canon came to him. Since then the passion for photography is growing intensely and having a background as an artist for 6 years. Travel and Photography are the keys for him to go all day long. Love to capture Landscapes, Candids, Streets because it seems to be the finest way to express. Other interests he has are Blogging, Pre-wedding photography and stock photography.



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